Through God's guidance, The Boehm Pressed Steel Company is committed to becoming the world class leader of innovative design and engineered products in the metal stamping industry. This mission can only be achieved by being highly responsive to our customers' quality, technology, cost, service and environmental needs. Boehm will conduct all of its business in an ethical manner and provide a safe, efficient and mutually rewarding environment for all associates and the community.

Deep Drawn Parts Stampings/Flat & Formed Parts Assembly & Welded Assembly Tooling

End Caps for Rollers,
Bearing & Conveyor Parts
Motor Housing Parts Re-engineering Castings to Stampings

Deep Drawn Parts
Our in-house precision forming capability includes CAD, Turning, Machining, Drilling, Tapping & Finishing. We stock over 50,000 spare components built by our craftsmen.
  • 8" single hit
  • Precision metal forming to close tolerances
  • Press capacity from 150 tons to 600 tons with beds from 30"x38" to 60"x144"
  • Specializing in simple to very complex drawn parts

Stampings/Flat & Formed Parts
One of the ways we make a good impression is by doing quality work as cost effective as possible, using proven methods to their fullest advantage. Through the use of optimal nesting procedures, Boehm produces sheet metal stampings and other flat & formed parts economically & efficiently.

Assembly & Welded Assembly
Boehm has both dedicated & versatile welding & assembly work centers to accommodate customer needs, whether they are daily milk run demands or orders placed but once a year. Robotic & automated welding equipment, along with integrated checking fixtures, assure part location and the integrity of each individual weld.

Lot control & weld data are a regular part of the daily information collected on every production run. Most weld controls in use at Boehm are Medar Technitron T2200 or Medar Technitron T3005. Value added assembly operations are another good way Boehm Pressed Steel makes a good impression.

Boehm Pressed Steel can adapt to the full range of our customers' tooling requirements, from prototyping to high-volume transfer tooling. In addition to our experience and commitment to quality for every job, our specific versatility in tooling stems from two main sources. The first is that we perform all tooling on equipment that incorporates the most current feed and electronic transfer technologies. Then there's our thorough & efficient system of cataloging all tooling jobs. Changes to prior jobs are not a problem because replacement details are added to drawings that we store in our CAD files.

End Caps for Rollers, Bearing & Conveyor Parts
The expertise & attention to quality and service of Boehm enables us to serve as a manufacturer of end caps for the conveyor industry throughout the United States, Canada & the world. We also work extensively with our customers on matters of research and development, conceiving innovative methods of production that maintain quality standards at greatly reduced prices compared to other methods. Through our commitment to this area, we've been able to produce stamped end caps with concentricity and diameter tolerances that are every bit the equal of machined castings.


Motor Housing Parts
At Boehm, maintaining close tolerances in the manufacture of stamped motor housing parts is the direct result of our close attention to quality control. In fact, for T.I.R. values governing our motor housings' perpendicularity to their mounting & assembly flanges, Boehm is capable of manufacturing stamped motor housings that hold concentricities between .004 - .008. Our customers are then able to produce finished assemblies with excellent air gaps and less than .007 T.I.R. This minimizes and, in some cases, eliminates noise and vibration problems. This focus on close tolerances also covers bearings. By holding bearing pockets to a .001 total diameter tolerance, Boehm is able to minimize bearing pound-out, with a resulting extension of bearing life.


Re-engineering Castings to Stampings
At Boehm, we use the latest computer aided engineering and design technologies. This enables us to redesign castings and molded or machined parts into stampings that maintain close tolerances of the originals, at a reduced cost. We can also develop part prints yielding one-piece construction, even from existing two or three-piece assemblies; and, our expertise extends to incorporating costly single-hit operations into progressive or transfer tooling.