Roller End Caps

Through our commitment to this area, we’ve been able to produce stamped end caps with concentricity and diameter tolerances that are every bit the equal of machined castings.

The Boehm Difference

  • Consult with Customers on R&D
  • Creating innovative methods of production that maintain quality at lower costs
  • Can produce end caps with concentricity and diameter tolerances equal to machined castings.

Industries We Serve

Since 1918, Boehm has been meeting the needs of demanding industries. We pride ourselves on superior technology, craftsmanship, reliability and a service-focused approach.


Reduce carbon emissions while unlocking cost savings.


Precision marine parts for diverse applications in seafaring vessels.


Durable components essential for mining equipment and machinery.


From tractors to irrigation, Boehm’s stampings enhance productivity.

Related Capabilities

When we tackle a project, we look at every angle to create value-added service for our customers.

In-House Design
& Tooling

Our low-cost tooling program ensures you pay only for the die parts that touch: your product, saving up to 40-60% off traditional costs.

& Welding

Boehm Stampings employs robotic and automated equipment for welding, TOX clinching, and assembly ensuring integrity is upheld.

Deep Drawn

Our in-house precision forming capability includes CAD, turning, machining, drilling, tapping, and finishing, resulting in deep drawn parts with precision and close tolerances.

Metal Stamping & Formed Parts

Boehm produces sheet metal stampings and other flat & formed parts economically & efficiently.

The Boehm Difference – We’re More than Metal Stamping

A partnership with Boehm means you gain access to our team of experienced engineers who are dedicated to helping you maximize the performance of your stamped parts.

A partnership with Boehm means you gain access to our team of experienced engineers who are dedicated to helping you maximize the performance of your stamped parts.

  • In-House Tooling & Design
    You can expect exceptional accuracy and repeatability, while keeping costs down.

  • Engineering Expertise
    With our help, you’ll optimize designs & develop solutions for complex applications.

  • Trusted Partner, Trusted Results
    At Boehm, we’ve got a reputation for building long-term partnerships.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

“I’ve been sourcing precision metal stamped parts for years, and Boehm Pressed Steel consistently delivers top-notch quality. Their attention to detail and precision manufacturing are unmatched. When I need reliable components, Boehm is my go-to supplier.”

Procurement Manager • Mining Machine Manufacturer

“Boehm Pressed Steel’s customer service is exceptional. They go above and beyond to address any concerns promptly. Whether it’s a rush order or technical assistance, their team is friendly, knowledgeable, and always willing to help.”

CEO • Solar Energy Company

“Enrolling in Boehm’s Low-Cost Master Tooling Program was a game-changer for our production line. Their innovative tooling solutions improved efficiency, reduced downtime, and enhanced overall productivity. We’re grateful for the partnership!”

Director of Sourcing and Production • Large Agricultural Equipment Manufacturer

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