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Extremely deep draw with laser and PEM

This job required a stainless finish but stainless won’t draw this deep in one part so we used standard metal and powder coated with robotic grinding of lines to create a less expensive part.

PROX Tooling

Lowest tooling cost because you only pay for the tools that touch your part. Nobody else has this.

Floating cutoff

For concentricity to .005, we invented a way to have the cutoff station to float on every stroke to align with the piece.

Casting to stamping conversion

These parts for the soda machine industry are less expensive with no failure rates or tooling costs like the castings they were using

Plastic to metal conversion

These high end blenders were made of plastic but scratched and cracked. We converted the part to a deep draw with stainless-like finish.

Robotic Cells

This cell was invented and built for a specific job. We go out of our way to accommodate.

Tons of raw materials

We know how and where to buy materials with buying power so you always have the materials ready when you need parts.

Single Hit Presses

These presses are great for simpler parts that reduce setup and tooling.

Mining Industry Experts

We make more roller wheel end caps than anyone, mostly becasue of our floating cut-off that keeps extreme concentricity.

Progressive die

Up to 600 ton

Oil burner parts

another example of the soda machine parts performing better at a lower cost.

Casting to stamping conversion

another example of the soda machine parts performing better at a lower cost.

PEM & secondaries

We can handle in-house secondaries and when we can’t we have some great relationships with other shops.

More robotic cells

One operator loads and unloads while the robot makes thousands of strategic grinding strokes.

Small or large parts

We can make parts up to 42″ in diameter.

More single hit

We have a whole line of various sizes and capacity